Sunday, May 21, 2006

I love my guitar

This post may be boring to you, but I have to tell about my most prized possession.

Most people know me in just certain arenas. My physician friends, computer buddies, and blogging contacts are not aware of my deep love for playing guitar. I got my Breedlove guitar about 15 months ago and have never stopped loving it.

I started playing when I was in 4th grade. I have progressively upgraded guitars. I first had an Epiphone, went to a 12-String Guild, got a classical guitar from Japan, finally ending up getting a Gurian solid top guitar. I had my Gurian for 14 years and loved it, but finally upgraded last year. I would go to guitar stores often and play the top-shelf guitars. One time I went to Mars Music in Charlotte and was playing Martins and Taylors. While I was playing, someone pointed to the Breedloves hanging on the wall and said "this guitar blows those out of the water." He was right. One play and I was hooked.

When I finally had enough money to buy the Breedlove, I drove to Charlotte and got the Northwest (pictured on the Left). When I brought it to work and showed it to my staff I told them: "guys, I like this more than I like computers." They were most impressed.

It has a unique truss system inside that causes the sound to just jump out. If you have some money to burn and want to get a very high quality guitar, I cannot recommend Breedlove strong enough. You can find more at

Sorry. It kind of feels like I am bragging about my kid. I'll do that another time.