Thursday, August 24, 2006

Random Questions

Just some things that I have wondered. Some things have bothered me for a long time, others for a shorter time. If you have answers, please let me know.
  1. What does it mean to have "the living daylight" scared out of you. Why would you have daylight in you, and how could it be living? Why would being scared make it come out of you? It seems odd that there are other things that can be scared out of you, such as hell and feces, and these things have nothing to do with either living or daylight.
  2. Who invented the expression, "it takes one to know one?" This is completely false. There are plenty of people who I know who are totally different. I know women, but that does not make me a woman. It just seems like this expression should never be used.
  3. Does "clarifying shampoo" really clarify your hair? Is your hair unclear prior to using it? Is it blurry, or just kind of look like a single hair all blended into one? And why do they recommend using conditioner and other hair products after using it?
  4. Why did God make slugs? He must have some purpose for them, but I don't know it. It just seems that slugs' sole purpose is to give a good definition to the term "gross."

  5. Did they ever put acid on the inside of golf balls? When I was a kid, that is what I was told, and it scared me. If so, why would they do that?
  6. Why is it impolite to pick your nose? The finger is the perfect size for the nostril, and it only seems natural to use it there. It is my hunch that nearly 100% of people use it for such purposes. Why can't we all just be honest and pick with impunity?
  7. Why are toenails and fingernails called "nails?" Is it because they can be pointy at times?
  8. Why is it that whenever I hear the song "The Chicken Dance" it goes through my head for the rest of the day? This happened to me this morning I hate that song, oh do I ever hate it.
  9. When will people realize that precious moments are the agents of hell? They must be destroyed or we will all suffer.