Friday, June 09, 2006

iPods are cool

From the Washington Post:

The iPod has surpassed beer drinking as the most "in" thing among undergraduate college students, according to a new survey. What was tied with drinking beer as the second-most popular activity?

Nearly three quarters, or 73 percent, of 1,200 students surveyed said iPods were "in" -- more than any other item in a list. This year, drinking beer and, a social networking Web site, were tied for second most popular, with 71 percent of the students identifying them as "in." The only other time beer was temporarily dethroned in the 18 years of the survey was in 1997 -- by the Internet, said Eric Weil, a managing partner at Student Monitor, a Ridgewood, N.J.-based firm that conducted the biannual market research study.

Hmm... so I guess I am cool. The best thing would be drinking beer while listening to your iPod and surfing Well, I may do the 1st two. My wife thinks I am nerdy with all my gadgets, but this is scientific proof that I am cool. Oh boy.