Monday, June 12, 2006

More Beer News

Hot off of the presses:

Jun. 12 - A beer-loving monkey is among the first to make a beeline for the local liquor shop, so that she can lay her hands on her fix for the day.

What started as a fun drive by some of the truck drivers who made her drink from their leftover bottles for a small kick, has turned into an addiction for this 34 year old primate.

She arrives at the shop on the outskirts of the North Indian city of Kanpur, a tad before its opening, eagerly looking forward to a pint or two from the owner or from any of the amused customers.

If neither obliges, then she coolly gets into the shop and picks a brand of her choice before walking off, without bothering anyone.

Most of the customers vouch for her serene behaviour, saying she seldom misbehaves, even when denied a beer.

SOUNDBITE, Rajesh Singh Chouhan, Owner of the beer shop saying:
"It is a pet. Earlier the drivers visiting the shop used to give beer just for some lighthearted fun but slowly the monkey got addicted to it. She has been drinking beer for the last 20 years. She drinks at least 2-3 bottles everyday. She is roughly 34-year-old and drinks only beer."

My suspicion is that either this monkey wants to be cool (although I looked him up and could not find him in or he is very concerned about his prostate health.

It looks like these monkeys have had too much beer. Where are their iPods?