Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Goat ate my License...

This is just...strange...

Speeding driver blames lack of goats

Wed Sep 6, 12:17 PM ET

A Swiss driver caught speeding in Canada explained that he had been taking advantage of the ability to drive fast without hitting a goat, police said on Wednesday.

The driver was caught traveling 161 km/hr (100 mph) in a 100 km/hr zone in eastern Ontario Sunday.

"A motorist from Switzerland, used to driving around hills and mountains, takes advantage of the ability to go faster without risking hitting a goat," read the traffic officer's notes of the incident.

Local police said it was the first time they had ever heard of such an excuse.

"I've never been to Switzerland but obviously they must have a problem with that there," said police spokesman Joel Doiron, adding that in his 20 years of service he had never found a goat on the highways of eastern Ontario.

The Swiss driver's imaginative excuse did him little good. Police issued him a C$360 ($330) speeding ticket.

Well, this really leaves me scratching my head. Is the goat population really so high that drivers are afraid to drive fast? Maybe they should release goats on the streets of Boston. I have driven there and it seems they take target practice on anyone with an out of state license plate.

I am actually surprised he did not comment about the psycho cows in Switzerland. It seems that the goats are a problem as well. I was thinking about going to Switzerland, but now I am reconsidering.

Maybe he should have had his Toddler drive for him. I have heard they are real good drivers.