Monday, November 06, 2006

A Hideous Tail

OK, since my last post was so serious, I will ease up a little. OK, a lot. I want to discuss the serious issue of Wedgies.

From the Wikipedia:

Wedgie - The wedgie is a joke maneuver or prank performed to humiliate someone. It is inflicted when an individual, or group of individuals, grab the underwear of the victim from behind and pull up, causing the underwear to wedge between the buttocks. A wedgie could also mean when a person's undergarments get folded up and 'ride up' between the buttocks, causing discomfort and annoyance. Can be caused by bad posture, awkward sitting or tight underpants such as thongs.

I was not aware, but there is a lot to know about wedgies. The history of the wedgie from The Wedgie Page is as follows:

Wedgies are a part of the anals of our history. Its a male domination and coming of age ritual. They date back to the Egyptians and have been represented in cave paintings, hieroglyphics and Aztec frescos. Philip of Macedon encouraged his son after a cruel wedgie at school--that boy grew up to be Alexander the Great. They say Michelangelo gave pope Paul the 3rd a wedgie. Also, Henry Duke of Richmond gave one to Richard III during the 1485 battle of Bosworth Field. Upon the arrest of Alven "Creepy"Karpis in 1936, J Edgar Hoover hiked Karpis' boxers up to the nape of his neck. Among Presidents, Nixon, Bush and both Roosevelts got wedgies in their youth while Jackson, Lincoln, LBJ and Clinton gave them. Among baseball greats Ty Cobb and Pete Rose were notorious givers of Wedgies.

An ancient Persian wedgie joke c.350 BC goes something like this: A man comes back from the marketplace with 2 black eyes. His wife asks what happened. He says "It was crowded and a fat lady on line in front of me had part of her robe in her buttcrack. To be polite I tryed to pluck it out. Then she hit me." The wife asks how did he get the 2nd blackeye. The man says "Since she was upset I then tryed to put it back the way she had it." This joke was documented authentic over the years by such luminaries as Bosworth and Samuel Peeyps. Clearly the noble wedgie is part of our history and humanity.

Wow. I never knew that Abraham Lincoln was a giver of wedgies! Being so tall, he would have given quite effective ones.

The website goes on to describe the different types of wedgies:

The Classic--we all experienced it

The boy getting it: Shame. Disgrace. Anger. The boy giving it: Wrist action. Speed. Grace. My tormentor from grade 5 - 9 was a fat bully named Raymond Chavez. The worst part about it (unless a girl was there) was never the laughter. It was explaining the skid marks to my mom

Hanging wedgie
Only once I got this. I drank to much beer at a carnival and my friends put me on a chain link fence in the parking lot by my elastic. I woke up and dug my heels in the fence so it wasn't? that bad. I puked on my friends head so I got even
Accidental wedgie
Getting out of a car to fast with the seatbelt the wrong way, clipping suspenders to the wrong layer, or running from a tornado and getting caught on the screen door handle--its all the same
Locker Room Wedgie

Associated with supplementary humiliation-like in Breakfast Club when Charley Sheen admitted taping a boys cheeks together after a wedgie. The best part of the movie is when he felt so bad about it afterworld he cried.

Power Wedgie

Same as above but with the Wedgie Master using 2 hands. Usually accompanied by wet towel snaps to the visibly remaining part of the buttocks.

Fudgie Wedgie

Self explanatory. Any wedgie with an abundance of brown pulpy matter as a result (and not just a regular dry skidmark).

Centrifugal Wedgie

The worst of all. I got this one at age 9. I was staying at my grandfathers house in Texas.He caught me in the barn doing something bad. He hiked my underwear up then stuck his arms out stiff. He twirled

me around and around in a circle in front of him till my feet came off the floor-I spun around by the centrifugal force. After 7 or 8 times around he let me go- I flew across the barn an landed face first in dog doo. Centrifugal wedgie was also Popularized by

Dilbert who calls it a twirling wedgie. The way things turn out today my grandfather is in a wheelchair and I take care of him.

He forgot what we called the snuggie. A snuggie is a wedgie given in the front, not the back. There is nothing much snug about it.

I have a little brother who was 10 years younger me. We went to the Adirondacks in upstate New York one summer and climbed the highest mountain in the state, Mt. Marcy. He was about 8 years old at the time. When on the summit, we gave him a wedgie and proclaimed that on this day he got the highest wedgie in New York State. Some weeks later we presented him with a certificate proclaiming that on this day he did receive the highest wedgie in New York - a certificate that I found in his possession 10 years later. I am sure he treasures it.

While giving my brother a wedgie did nothing to harm my relationship with him, here is an interesting article about the possible negative consequences of giving a wedgie.

Montana principal returns after 'wedgie'

Tue Oct 24, 7:59 PM ET

The principal of Park High School returned to school Tuesday after a six-day suspension for giving a student a "wedgie." The Livingston School District Board held a special meeting Monday and approved Superintendent Hannibal Anderson's recommendation that Principal Eric Messerli be allowed to return to work.

"It has been clearly recognized and stated that the behavior is inappropriate, unprofessional and unacceptable," Anderson said.

Messerli's behavior "warrants substantial disciplinary action" but was not sufficient grounds for a recommendation for termination, he said.

Messerli was suspended for two days without pay and four days with pay for grabbing a Park High senior's soccer jersey and pulling it over his head and giving the student a "wedgie" by pulling up on the waist band of his underwear. The incident happened on Oct. 5 at a junior varsity soccer game.

Messerli cried Monday as he read a statement to the board and the public.

"I've made mistakes in my life, but none have had the impact that this one has had," he said.

He said his first reaction was to resign, but he wanted to "tackle this mess" head on.

"I want to live in a world where we don't have to hide when we screw up," he said.

Public comments about Messerli, voiced by students, parents and community members, ranged from reprimand to encouragement.

"What could be better than showing how you bounce back after a mistake?" community member Brad Snow said.

"The days of a school staff person laying hands on a student are long gone," said a woman in the audience.

Park High Vice Principal Bob Stevenson and girls' soccer coach Nate Anderson, who both witnessed the Oct. 5 incident, expressed support for Messerli. They said his actions were a mistake, but they were done in an effort to joke around with the student.

"It was meant in playfulness," Anderson said.

Others, including trustee Greg Brainerd, said Messerli's trying to be on equal level with students was the problem.

He attributed the incident to "loss of

traditional authority structure," which he believes should be re-established in the school system.

Anderson said Messerli also received a letter of reprimand.

I personally think that Mr Messerli should get a Centrifugal Wedgie as his punishment for this crime. I assume he was briefed on the nature of the charges. I am sure he was the butt of a lot of jokes. They must have been all sorts of wise-cracks. They were going to send him off on a rocket to Uranus. After all this press coverage, he must really be pooped. He probably got really behind on his work. He should pursue another carear.

The End.