Monday, November 13, 2006

Farewell to Blogger

My first post on this blog was on 5/21, so this is almost my 6-month anniversary.  I am making the jump to WordPress due to my troubles with Blogger Beta.  There are also some cool features I can do on the new website - WordPress is much more customizable.

As I say farewell to Blogger, I will take the opportunity to reflect on my experience in blogging.  It has become a quite substantial part of my life and I have "met" quite a few very interesting people. Aside from the obsession I have had to fight, the experience has been wonderful.

This is my 119th Post.  Most of my posts have been, um, an outlet for my sillier side.  I am glad everyone has enjoyed my humor - or at least you all have been quite polite.  Here is a rundown of my oddities so far:

  • 22 posts have been about animals
  • 4 posts about beer
  • 3 posts on random questions (hah, that makes 4)
  • 5 posts on monkeys
  • 4 on Pluto's demotion
  • 4 on Stupid people
  • Many posts (at least 10) on conspiracy theories I have regarding dogs, cows, and monkeys.  I anticipate more on my new blog.
  • 38 posts are labeled as "personal musings."  Some of these are serious, others are not.
  • 15 posts are medically oriented.
  • I have posted twice on grand rounds, twice on pediatric grand rounds, and once on Cathy's Friday blast.
  • I did 2 posts on small towns - it took a lot of research, so I am not sure I will revisit that one.
  • 11 posts were about family
  • 5 posts were about my trip to Mississippi

My first comment was by The Laundress - thanks for your faithfulness!  My most commented on post was "All Ears", which got 11 comments.  My most commented on silly post was "The Cow Conspiracy Unravels."  My most popular post was undoubtedly "Random Questions," since it brought a substantial percent of my entire hits (maybe 20%).  Shout out if you came to this sight via the "Random Questions" route.  I always wondered if some folks drawn via that route became regular visitors.

My blog traffic really took off when I got a shout from Moof.  Thanks Moof! 

My personal favorite posts are:

I have had 5527 visitors as of today, and I am a slimy mollusc (and proud of it).

OK, that is enough for now.  Thanks again for putting up with me.  I'll see you on WordPress!


Rob (Random Questions)