Saturday, July 01, 2006

Beyond the Pane

Let me be a little more vulnerable. I am a musician, and I sometimes try my hand at writing music as well. Most of what I write I would not share because I don't think it is very good (I guess I don't let that stop me from writing some of the crap I write on this blog!) . I choose to listen to songwriters that are generally very strong (like Bruce Cockburn, who I think is the best of the best).

Here is a song I wrote with some of my patients in mind. I see a lot of people going through terrible things, and as a doctor I do my best to just be encouraging without being patronizing. I can never imagine what I would do in their shoes because I will never be in their shoes. I really wanted to capture the situation I see them in and give them hope without being trite. So here is my best shot at it. The chorus contains a play on words, if you are bad at catching that.

Beyond the Pane

The start of another day is upon you

Wondering what the hours will bring

The dawning of hope?

Or the end of your rope?

Things are never quite what they seem.

Bracing yourself against the current

That'’s dragging you down toward the deep

Pushing upstream

This wasn'’t your dream

But the road that you chose is narrow and steep


Look outside the window

Look beyond the pane

Forget about the ones who left you standing in the rain.

The wind is blowing harder now

The sun sinks in the west

But stand your ground

Don'’t let them hear the pounding in your chest.

Watching the people on the TV

Giving out such good advice

But if they'’re so smart

Then how come they aren't

Getting those around you to start treating you nice?

Sometimes it'’s hard to be a human

Sometimes it's hard to run this race

But as you run

Don't miss the ones

The ones that you love

The ones who live there right before your face


This is not the end of your road

There is help to carry your load

When the night falls upon you

And the onus is on you

Never ever give up your hope


The start of another day'’s upon you...