Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Day 3

So we did it. Here is "the team" with our homeowner - Ms. Banks. She was incredibly grateful for our work. It was not perfect (by a longshot) but it seems solid and will serve her very well.

A couple of observations from today:
  • Doing roofing in the middle of the summer in Mississippi is a very hot thing to do.
  • It is much nicer when there is a breeze.
  • Gatorade is great, but you get sick of it after a while
  • I still really like Little Debbie Nutty Bars.
  • We all worked very hard and are very satisfied with our work.
  • Sonic Cream Pie shakes are not as good as their cream slushes (in case you were wondering).
  • Jonathan did not really hit Garrett with the hammer
So I am sore, itchy, and sunburned (I did use sunscreen, so don't preach at me). Yet I would not have done it differently. We had to push ourselves, but it sure did feel good to get it done. it. If you have a chance to take a week to do something like this, do it. You really won't regret giving of yourself. You may regret not giving enough to others, but not giving too much. Okay, enough preaching for today.