Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'll get the Special...

I have previously posted about interesting use of recreational drugs. Now it seems there is a growing trend in the fast food industry related to this:

Police find burgers sprinkled with pot

Three workers at a Burger King restaurant were arrested after two Isleta tribal police officers discovered that the hamburgers they ordered were sprinkled with marijuana.
The Isleta Police Department officers ate about half of their burgers Sunday before discovering marijuana on the meat. The officers used a field test kit to confirm the substance was pot, then went to a hospital for a medical evaluation.
The three Burger King employees — Justin Armijo, 19; Robert Nuckols, 21; and manager Joseph Ledesma, 33 — were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and aggravated battery on an officer, a felony.

This brings new meaning to the old expression "Have it your way." It seems to me that this is a clever ploy to get repeat business. Once these customers start consuming these burgers regularly, they will find they start to have a really strong craving for more burgers. It is a marketing stroke of genius!

One clue that this may not have been a BK on the "up and up" was the "Rastafarians Welcome" sign in front of the restaurant, as well as the Bob Marley music playing over the PA system.

Once the burger joints get an idea, the Mexican restaurants are soon to follow:

Woman accused putting drugs in burrito

A woman who brought a burrito to a friend in jail has been accused of using the burrito to try to smuggle in heroin. Rosemary Gonzales, 42, is charged with bringing contraband into a place of imprisonment. Bond was set at $5,000.
Corrections officers found a hypodermic needle inside the burrito that Gonzales brought Tuesday to a female inmate at the Rio Arriba County jail, according to a report filed in Rio Arriba County Magistrate Court.
Officers rinsed off the needle and discovered a brown substance that later tested positive for heroin, the report said.

Now I have heard of a "super value meal," and it is common practice to have a "kid's meal" with a prize inside, but since when have they been offering "inmate's meals??" The slogan would go: "Get a hypodermic needle free with every burrito purchased." Well, I suppose they'd get repeat customers.

Finally, after you have had your hamburger and burrito, you need some dessert to cap it off:

Green substance not pistachio ice cream

The ice cream container had a green substance in it, but it wasn't pistachio. Jackson
County's sheriff's office said a woman was arrested Sunday for trying to bring
marijuana hidden in an ice cream container to an inmate.
Lacheral Williams, 27, was charged with the introduction of contraband to a correctional facility after she was searched by an employee at Sunland Pathways, sheriff's Major John Dennis said.
Authorities said they found "a green leafy substance" in a pint-sized ice cream container Williams had brought with her when she came to visit a resident of the forensic unit for developmentally disabled offenders.
No one else was charged because the marijuana never made its way to a resident, authorities told the Jackson County Floridan.
The 34-bed Sunland Pathways facility is surrounded by a fence with razor wire, and is meant for offenders who have been judged high-functioning but borderline entally

So at Baskin Robbins, the Flavor of the Month is "Ganga Surprise." There is not a mention of there being a hypodermic needle included when you purchase, so the Mexican places have a leg-up on the ice cream shops - certainly with the inmate population.

Finally, here is just another Really Stupid Person story:

Man allegedly tells police he stole pot

A man who police say was caught with two pounds of marijuana allegedly told officers the drugs weren't his because he stole it.
Bradley Robison, 18, of Cedar Rapids, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and failure to affix a drug tax stamp.
When police found him with the marijuana he said he had stolen it from a nearby business that he had just broken into, court records show.
Linn County Attorney Harold Denton said it doesn't matter how Robison got the marijuana — only that he had it.
"If you steal it, you steal it and you possess it," Denton said. "It's a double whammy."
Robison was caught by officers after they saw him running from the area early Tuesday morning, police said.
A burglary charge was being considered but had not been immediately filed.
The investigation also led to a possession with intent to deliver charge being filed against Ruban Rivas, 36, no address given, for allegedly having the marijuana at the business that Robison broke into, court records show.
Both men were taken to jail but later released.

Well what can I say? Is this proof enough for us to show that drugs kill brain cells? What did he expect the police to say, "Oh, I didn't realize you had stolen the pot. Having drugs is OK as long as you steal it. You may go."?

They never mentioned what kind of store he stole it from. I wonder if it was a Burger King? One thing is for sure, he has a long career ahead of him in the fast-food industry.