Saturday, October 28, 2006

Should I Change?

I have mentioned that I was getting frustrated with Blogger Beta and set up another blog site. Now I need to know from as many people as possible if I should make the change. The benefits of changing include:
  • Getting away from the frustrations of Blogger Beta, although these have gotten some better over the past few weeks.
  • More plug-ins and widgets on WordPress that are kind of fun (like the polls).
  • The look and feel of the other site is different. I kind of like the full-screen rather than the limited width of Blogger.
The disadvantages of changing are:
  • I am just getting a regular flow of people here (Random Questions) and that will inevitably decrease when I change.
  • Blogger has improved some already.
  • Most of my readers are in Blogger as well, so profiles are more easily seen.
  • Everyone would have to change their links.
  • I may be changing just because I like to change and not because things are really that bad (I have a tendency of doing that).
So I want to know if this is a good idea, OK idea, no change, or a bad idea. Please let me know.