Saturday, October 21, 2006

Watch your head!

I have previously written about falling dogs as a risk we all have to face in life, but I was unaware of other things that are falling and causing significant damage.

The first story comes from Germany:

German cottage destroyed by meteor

Fri Oct 20, 10:28 AM ET

A fire that destroyed a cottage near Bonn and injured a 77-year-old man was probably caused by a meteor and witnesses saw an arc of blazing light in the sky, German police said on Friday.

Burkhard Rick, a spokesman for the police in Siegburg east of Bonn, said the fire gutted the cottage and badly burnt the man's hands and face in the incident on October 10.

"We sought assistance from Bochum observatory and they noted that at that particular moment the earth was near a field of meteoroid splinter and it could be assumed that particles had entered the atmosphere," he said.

"The particles usually don't reach the surface because they disintegrate in the atmosphere," he added. "But some can make it to the ground. We believe this was a bolide (meteoric fireball) with a size of no more than 10 mm."

OK, so I am to believe that bolides are falling on us, and that a 10mm one can burn down a whole cottage? And just what is a field of meteoroid splinter? I was not aware meteors could get splinters. Perhaps that is why they send bolides down on us, because they are angry about the splinters they get from fields. I don't know, the whole thing is a little confusing. I hope this bolide phenomenon is restricted to Germany.

I am wondering now about when my son claimed his homework was destroyed by a small meteor. I gave him 2-years of hard labor for that lame excuse. I guess maybe I was jumping to conclusions. Hmmm....

While that is somewhat disturbing, the second story hits a lot closer to home:

Toilet ice rips hole in couple's roof

Sat Oct 21, 7:57 AM ET

CHINO, Calif. - An elderly couple believe a chunk of blue ice from the holding tank of an aircraft toilet ripped a hole in their roof and destroyed a bed.

William McElroy was watching a movie with his wife, Evelyn, when the ice crashed into the house Wednesday night.

"It was a huge crash. It shook the whole building, but we thought it was a car," McElroy said. The couple went outside to investigate

but found nothing, so they returned to finish watching the movie.

They didn't discover the chunk of ice on the bed and the 2-foot-wide hole in the ceiling until Thursday morning.

"I think we had somebody extra looking over us," Evelyn McElroy said.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said Thursday if the offending chunk of ice is from an airplane, then it is likely the cause of a leak in a holding tank of the aircraft's bathroom.

Blue ice occurs when waste leaks from a plane's bathroom onto the outside of the plane and freezes at high altitudes. The liquid begins to thaw as the plane descends, Gregor said.

This is far more disturbing. First off, it happened in California, so we cannot write it off as a Germanic problem. WE ARE ALL AT RISK FOR THIS!!

The second obvious thing is that it is "from the holding tank of an aircraft toilet." Read between the lines: POOP AND PEA IS RAINING DOWN ON US FROM THE SKY!!! (I suppose the right term here would be hail, not rain).

The most disturbing part of this is that it was big enough to tear a 2-foot hole in the roof of the house and ended up on the bed. I have heard of bed-wetting, but this is really taking it to the extreme! It was big enough to shake the whole building!

So the situation is this: we have large chunks of human waste raining down us from the sky, capable of tearing holes in our roofs and doing who knows what else. This is a dire set of circumstances for which we should be called to alarm. Why is the FAA so casual about this? We should be finding ways to protect ourselves from these falling "poolides" (I made that word up myself!), but what should we do? If our roofs are not strong enough, then what can we do??

Let me make a final comment here about the statement of Mrs. McElroy. She felt that they had "somebody extra looking over us." I hate to say it, but it was not their face that was pointed at her.

Nothing to do with the story...I just found this humorous